Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Michael Jackson'll get you banned

THE KID was a surly ninth grader who was supposed to be working on a science presentation about the topic of his choice. Unfortunatly his choice was Michael Jackson, or at least I am assuming that was his his topic since thatwas the web site he was on. I removed him from the computer and he went and sat at table. After about 15 minutes I went to tell him to come back overand work. I genuinely felt bad, he seemed upset. When I approcahed him he scowled, turned and walked away muttering something about me beinga b%$^&. Well, my goodwill was swept away in tide of irritation. I've been called a b^%&* before, and frankly it was not that bothersome. Sure I would like to have actually done something to earn being called that, but what pissed me off was I was trying to be nice. Here I was trying to give THE KID a second chance and he acts like I had just punished him again.Maybe I had, maybe blinded so much by his teen age agnst he had seen my attempt at niceness as aggression.Sigh, you can't win over them all.Being in charge of young teenagers is like doing an archeological dig in a sanstorm, pointless and tiresome. Back to the young man, after he stomped off I approched the teacher who was apologetic and sent the kid to the office. A few moments later I got an email from a Vice Principalstating that THE KID was banned from the lab for the remainder of the term.