Friday, November 30, 2007

Another week gone

Friday has finally dawned, gray and quiet. The lab is quiet today too, no teachers are signed up. I have purposefully left most of the lights off, the few computers I have left on give out a pleasing blue electric glow. A few kids wander in and ask if they can use the computers, they seeem confused by the lack of lab activity. Later I will clean a weeks worth of crud and fingerprints off keyboards and monitors. Right now though I am enjoying the quiet, I belive it I have earned it. Yesterday was 7th graders, 7th graders can be described with these words; cute, small, funny, confused, lost, afraid, and squirelly. They were supposed to be doing online math tutorials and tests. What they were actually doing was twirling around in the chairs, getting lost on the internet after trying to type in the address, and asking me to reset their password they had forgotten (when they created their password it was with the explicit instruction to choose something they would not forget). It wasn't until about the last 15 minutes of each class that they settled down to working. One kid asked me if I liked my job, when I said yes this was his reply; "I would go crazy in here, I would spin around on this chair until I got sick and then I would play all the games I wanted on the internet!" He really said that. I wish my job was fun as he thought it was. Nothing in adult life is as fun as you thought it would be when you were 13.
At least I can enjoy the quiet.

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