Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Musings of THE MAN

"Why are you so anti music?" he demanded. Anti music? Me? I felt trapped in an old episode of the Twillight Zone, I had just gone through the door. Let me give you a basis for this accustion, I had removed a kid from the computer afterhe had tried to access a rap artists web site thats banner boldly proclaimed "Explicit Lyrics!"

Lab Rule #1 All web sites must be approved
Lab Rule #3 No music sites

I had to be THE MAN by enforcing the rules, and now I am authority incarnate. This is not a title I activley sought. Like all great callings it was thrust upon me, by a fifteen year old no less.
Before I took this job I would have happily shown these kids free music. They could have all the music their grubby little hearts desired for nothing more than the cost of their internet connection. But not anymore, now I am THE MAN. I don't have to take authority with meek submission. If I have to be THE MAN then these moody, irresponsible, smart #$%^! rude teens willbe THE KID.

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